ConstructionStages of House Finishing in Lahore

Stages of House Finishing in Lahore

Construction In Lahore

 In addition to maintaining the workmanship quality of building and construction, the builder or contractor has to keep a strict check on building material. After the process of shuttering the brick walls and plastering, the stages of finishing begin.

A reputable construction company in Lahore will always follow a certain procedure. This is done in order to ensure a good quality result.


 After plastering work is completed, this is the first stage of finishing a house construction. Electrical drawings are consulted and points are marked on the construction site. The electrical team starts laying electrical wiring and installation of distribution boards and China Boxes is finished at this stage. The electrical fixtures, switch plates and lights will be installed at a later stage.


The making of POP false ceilings is one of the starting steps of interior work. It is a messy and time consuming stage of finishing a house. No other task can be carried out on the site during this stage primarily due to platform scaffolding erected in complete rooms and halls for easy movement of workers and secondly due to the material mess during its installation.

Selection of designs or customize ceiling designs are finalized by the interior designer as per the theme of the house. A professional false ceiling team in Lahore will require at least 3 working weeks to complete a 1 Kanal house.


As soon as the ceiling work is finished, team of painters will start working on the interior walls of the house by stone sanding the walls to remove any unwanted residue. At this stage the base coat is applied. Meanwhile, market surveys are carried out for tile procurement. The primer base coat dries within 2 to 5 days depending upon the weather and age of the plastering. The house finishing contractor has to keep a strict check at every phase of the paint process.

Paint team will keep working parallel to all other teams and continue its progress by applying wall putty coats and sanding to achieve optimum finish.


 Tile work begins. This also includes tiles that are applied on the facade of the house.

This also includes the use of marble, granite, or other forms of material for slabs, sills, staircase, and some parts of flooring, etc.

Protection of tiles is essential post installation. Double layer of plastic sheet covered by a thick layer of Plaster of Paris mixture will be laid on complete interior flooring of the house to prevent any damage to the tiles.


Installation of windows and their fittings starts. This includes aluminum or uPVC. Fittings and accessories are also added. The interior is really coming together at this stage. The addition of a railing is also included for the stairs.


The final stage of termite proofing takes place at this point. The other two are done in the initial stages of construction. Doors are fixed, Modular wardrobes, storage units and kitchen cabinets are installed. Also, media walls and feature walls in MDF or wood are completed.


Ceiling lights, ceramic fixtures, and features such as shower stalls for bathrooms are set up. Mirror, brass work, and other types of railings are added. This means the terrace railing and also the railing for sunken areas. The walls are coated wallpaper according to the finalized design. Work on wooden or wooden laminate flooring is also started.

The tops for bathroom vanities and kitchen counters are covered at this stage. They can be in marble, granite, or Corian.


This is like adding skin to bones! Final coats of paint are applied, along with lacquer and polish.

All other tasks must have finished and teams must have left the site by this stage so there is no chance of walls or doors getting dirty again.

Finishes of paint are also included, for example, glossy, textured, matte, and rough finish. All polishable wooden fixtures are polished.


The paint for exterior walls is finalized and completed at this stage including the Main gate. Landscape or horticultural work, if required, is completed. BBQ terraces, terraces and, patios are given finishing touches.

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