Finishing Services

Finishing of Grey Structure Houses in Lahore & Islamabad

Whether you are looking for a company to finish the interior of your grey structure or you want to finish the interior or exterior of an office or commercial building. We specialize in making both. The houses finished by our team are high quality and durable, with perfect implementation of designs and decor and ensure the satisfaction of our clients. 

Our team includes an expert combination of architects, interior designers, masons, kitchen fitters, tilers, carpenters and painters who work together to finish the perfect house for you.

Starting with meeting our clients and understanding their requirements, we move on to a thorough survey of the site. We strongly believe that communication is the key to excellence; therefore, our team stays in constant contact with each other and the clients and discusses each step and procedure. The material we use is not only cost effective but is also very strong so that that final product is durable and long lasting.


Step 1: Client Shares the architectural drawings of his grey structure house with us for assessment 
Step 2: Our technical team visits the client’s site for visual assessment and to have a discovery meeting with the client 

Note: Discovery meeting enables us to understand the requirements of client, the kind of finishes our client desires to incorporate in his/her house

Step 3: Based upon the data gathered during discovery session with the client and the measurements of the site our team makes a detailed quotation of all remaining tasks for finishing the house i.e. Ceiling Work, Electrical Work, Plumbing, Tile Installation, Kitchen & Wardrobes, Doors, Windows, Paint & Polish etc . 

Note: Our quotation format is easy for the client to understand and gives a clear and transparent view to client for what he is going to get from us, such as brand, make, specs and the price of every product and service. We also mentioned our warranties and Free maintenance services clearly in our quotations.   

Our scope of work clearly states not just what we are offering but also what is excluded from our scope. NO SHOCKS FOR THE CLIENT !!

Step 3: Upon approval of quotation a detailed contract agreement is signed between both parties (Handy Hand & The Client) which clearly states all the deliverables of both parties. We offer our clients to add as many clauses as they want to ensure their peace of mind 🙂