Home Renovation Services

Renovation of Old Houses – Complete Transformation


Do you own a house that is old, damaged or in a state of disrepair but you still feel that it has great potential of improvement? We excel in repairing and renovating such homes to perfection. Our team expertly upgrades its layout and design, transforming it into a modern and attractive house. At the same time, we also restructure these homes such that you are able to make better use of its space, making it more cost effective.

Our restoration services are vast and comprehensive and include renovation of all kinds of buildings. Some of our most sought after building  renovation services includes:

Living Room Renovation Askari 11 Lahore

We have more than 12 years of experience in this area. We specialize in transformation of old houses into modern and trendy spaces that are in fashion these days. What makes us different from your regular 'Thekedar' is our high quality workmanship which is possible due to the multi layered and skilled supervision system we have in place. Our Complete Home Renovation service in Lahore & Islamabad comes with 1 Year Free Home Maintenance & 5 year warranty of our services. Our warranties itself indicate the pride we take in our workmanship and our trained staff.


Years of use and weather conditions can severely deteriorate the interior & exterior of apartments. We expertly fix these problems, giving them the touch ups and repairs that they require, making them as good as new.

Modern House Facade Lahore

These renovations are very challenging and come with a certain set of guidelines such as society bylaws while working in Cantt, CDA or DHA areas in Lahore & Islamabad. Our team is trained to follow these guidelines and complete the renovations as desired within the prescribed time.
House facade transformation requires involvement of our Structural Engineering & Architecture team to assess the structural integrity and then redesign the house front.