Electrical & Plumbing Installations

Electrical & Plumbing Services in Lahore & Islamabad

Proper electrical and plumbing work is as important as the proper construction of offices, homes, or buildings. It should be done using high-quality materials that last longer and avoid problems like shot circuits, seepage, leakages, and breakdowns.

Electric Work

Our team of expert electricians in Lahore / Islamabad is well aware of the safety standards and regulations and ensures the long-term safety of all-electric installations. Our electricians are experienced in providing the following electrical services in Lahore / Islamabad area:

-SMD Lights installation

-Installation of electrical appliances in Lahore / Islamabad

-False Ceiling and Underground wiring and connections

-Replacement of switch plates and sockets in Lahore / Islamabad

-Troubleshooting of the main panel

-Electrical contracting for renovation & finishing services

-All other wiring, connections (New & Old)

Electric work is a very sensitive job and involves a great amount of risk. Therefore, it is essential that the team doing electric work in homes or offices should be highly experienced. The electric experts on our panel are highly skilled and have years of experience in this field. Their areas of expertise include the complete installation of wires, switches, distribution boards, sockets, and light fittings. They also repair malfunctions in your electric system, fix fuses and short circuits.

For troubleshooting and fixing electrical issues in Lahore / Islamabad,

Plumbing Work

We have highly trained and qualified plumbers in Lahore / Islamabad. Our plumbers are experienced to provide the following plumbing services in Lahore / Islamabad area:

-Underground water supply & sewerage installation for new house in Lahore / Islamabad

-Replacement of old and rusted GI pipes with the new PPRC pipes to resolve leakage issues in Lahore / Islamabad

-Geyser Installation & Repair in Lahore / Islamabad

-Kitchen Sink & Mixer Installation in Lahore / Islamabad

-Water Tank Cleaning, Maintenance and Installation in Lahore / Islamabad.

-Bathroom fittings and sanitary installations in Lahore / Islamabad

-All types of underground piping for water supply and sewerage (New & Old both)

Another very sensitive job in homes and offices is plumbing work. This job requires a lot of expertise and experience, and if not done properly, can lead to many long-term problems. The plumbers on our panel excel in all types of plumbing jobs including drainage systems, water heaters, pumps, septic systems, gas piping, and plumbing required in home renovation projects that include bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Our team also excels in fixing leakages, seepage, flush systems, and the like.