Commercial & Retail Fitout Solutions

Commercial & Retail Fitout Solutions

Whether it is your office, your supermarket, restaurants or hotels, we offer complete solutions of interior fit outs. We have a network of specialized contractors who efficiently head project managers, engineers, designers, and procurement agents, all working together under one roof. The aim is to direct them towards the achievement of a common goal and keep their tasks properly aligned with each other. This highly specialized team is paired with an extensive supply chain spread out both locally and internationally, and work simultaneously to achieve high standards of workmanship. The object is to customize each task, whether it is refurbishment of offices, retail outlets, hotels and restaurants, according to the client’s requirements and the demand of the industry he/she is working in. some of put most sought after fit out services include the following:

Finishing services

this includes Metal work, Finishing of flooring, wall finishing, joinery Marble work and glazing.

Design services
This involves recruitment of qualified interior designers to transform the design of your desired area. We competitively pair the creative flair of these designers along with space planning and detail development to provide our clients the best design solutions within their budget.

We excel in reconditioning and renovating offices and other commercial spaces even when they are operational. Our services are specifically framed around the cost, choice and timeline of our clients.