CraftsWhat to consider before your bathroom remodeling?

What to consider before your bathroom remodeling?

Want to change the outlook of your drab and dull bathroom? Remodel it by installing new technologies and applying new ideas to make it more aesthetic and modern. Here are a few things that you need to consider before going for a bathroom remodel.


The first thing to consider before going for a bathroom remodel is its plumbing and drainage system. Using 1-1/2 inches pipes is an outdated trend it is suggested to use a 2 inches pipeline in bathrooms since it allows proper drainage and prevents clogging. Moreover, it is a good idea to consider the temperature trends of your area and use pipelines that can withstand temperature changes without damaging walls.


Make your bathroom a well-lit space by adding more lights especially right above the mirror and in shower stalls. You can also install smart lightening systems or dimmers to adjust lights according to your needs.


Wall-hung toilets:

Replace your floor mounted toilets with trendy wall hung toilets as they are good for making your bathroom spacious, but you will have to reconsider this idea as it will require you remodel your water supply to that area too.

Shower floors and sills:

To prevent water spills and slips in the shower stall consider using small tiles with closer grout lines or large textured tiles; using granite is also a good option. For shower sills, you can consider using a solid material like stone, marble or quartz.

Fixtures and smart technology:

You can upgrade your bathroom by using smart technology like self-cleaning toilets, motion sensors and automatic dryers. If you want to enjoy a relaxing bath, add fixtures like hydrotherapy jets and for this Jacuzzi is the material to use. Porcelain, granite, and glass can be the perfect material for your sink and faucets.

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