Best Modular Kitchens | Latest Trends in 2022

Modular Kitchens | Top Trends in 2022

New trends of Modular Kitchens come with every passing year, and some fade out while some remain for years. If we talk about modular kitchens , the industry revolves around changes with every passing day. Due to emerging technology, we see that modular kitchens designs undergo changes, and the research help in enhancing the functionality of the kitchen aesthetics.

So, here we are looking at the top trends of the modular kitchen that will be popular in 2022.

Let’s dig in!

Top Trends in 2022

Here are some of the top trends of the modular kitchen that will boom the kitchen industry in Pakistan in the year 2022:

·       No Longer White Modular Kitchens

Brown Modular Kitchens Top Trend 2021

One of the biggest trends that will boom the kitchen industry’s incredibly modular kitchen in Pakistan will be ‘contrast colors.’

There are no longer white kitchens in trend. Even people will not like complementary colors; instead, there will be contrasting colors.

The concept of a modular kitchen will hike up with contrasting colors where people will choose colors that make the kitchen colorful with different shades of cabinets and countertops.

Those traditional white kitchens are no more an option this year.

Meanwhile, darker shades will emerge in trend as they give a luxurious look and warmth.

Grey is an emerging and super trendy color in the modular kitchens space. So, if you are looking for a luxury-style modular kitchen, then grey is the best option for you.

·       No More Sharp Edged Countertops in Modular Kitchens


In previous years when traditional kitchens were an all-time favorite option for all of us, countertops usually had sharp angled edges. But now, in 2022, modular kitchens will behave around soft curved edges countertops.

This will add a smoother and softer look to modular kitchen design and make things safer for the users.

Moreover, the glossy finish is no more in trend. Instead, the new emerging trend is the matte finish look that contemplates the darker shade cabinets to give a royal and luxury look.

·       Simpler Layouts 

The kitchen layout will undergo some profound changes to emerging modular kitchen trends. For instance, more straightforward arrangements are in high demand. But, on the other hand, since we know that the concept of a modular kitchen is customization and convenience, keeping this in view, straight-line layouts or more straightforward layouts are in high demand.

So, unless someone wants to use corner space, one can try out the simple layouts that are more minimalist, easy to clean, and flexible.

Meanwhile, the overall new trends of the modular kitchen give a sleek yet modern look.

·       Multi-Purpose Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are essential to discuss when we talk about modular kitchens, and they are here to stay in 2022.

The kitchen islands have gained popularity in recent times, and the utilities that it offers is the main reason behind them.

In 2022’s trend, kitchen islands are going to serve multi-purposes. For instance, we can expect it to come with cooktops, sink, and other appliances. However, the kitchen islands can also undergo more changes, like adding layers.

·       Welcoming Smart Modular Kitchens

With the emerging technologies every month and the concept of digitalization, modular kitchens are also welcoming intelligent kitchens.

By welcoming digital into our lives, the kitchen is one place that also needs to be upgraded with intelligent appliances and digital touch features. This will enhance the functionality of the kitchen and make things more convenient.

·       Multiple Zones

After the emergence of the concept of modular kitchens, one more thing to watch out for is the creation of multiple zones.

After the pandemic hit the world, several people have transformed their well-designed modular kitchen spaces into small space meeting rooms. They designate one corner for their and the rest for regular kitchen work.

Now modular kitchen spaces are not just the place to cook food, but you can shift several activities there. Other multiple zones include the entertainment zone and serving zone.

However, by permitting multiple zones, the kitchen’s selection of layout and design will vary.

·       Enchanting Flooring Ideas

Flooring is an essential part of the kitchen interior. In 2022’s trend, we will see enchanting flooring ideas that will go with the whole look of the modular kitchen.

For instance, if you are going for grey cabinets with a matte look on round edges corners, then ceramic flooring will work best to serve a look to make your kitchen more enchanting. s

·       Trendy Stylish Sinks


Stylish sinks are the emerging trends in modular kitchen designs. A kitchen with a traditional kitchen with old themed style sink will not be appealing.

Match your sink with countertops and complete a perfect modular kitchen look with all these emerging trends in 2022.

Final Verdict

As discussed above in the article, trends change with time. So, you need to keep an eye to catch every new trend for your modular kitchen.

However, all these trends discussed above will help you out!

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